Do You Eat to Live or Live to Eat?


Years ago, at my designated job, there was a cafeteria available for staff and non-staff were also welcomed to eat.

As I was entering the door of this cafeteria, it was lunchtime, there was a tall, maybe about six feet, four inches Lady passing by me.

She has two plates of food on both hands overflowing with what looked like spaghetti to me.

A True Story

Bear in mind, I am not in any way criticizing nor condemning, nor judging anyone here, merely telling a story relating to my topic here.

She was actually a very heavy-set Lady, maybe in her thirties and with a pleasant, friendly personality as I have known her already while working over there.

I said to myself that maybe she really needed it but for me, that was too much food for one person to eat at one time.

To this day, while I am writing this, it still reminded me of how I was a little perturbed that day though I knew it was not my business whatsoever what other people are eating.

The Reason for Obesity.

In a way, I was concerned about her condition as I could see why this lady was what you called ‘obese.’ Every time my friends or relatives joked me about being skinny, I just kept quiet and my silence irritated them.

Then if they were not satisfied with my reactions, I just asked them this question, “Do you eat to live or live to eat?” Then, everybody would stop teasing me and would leave me alone.

We take in food to nourish our body, every single cell in our body, and to make sure that the food we eat appropriately and thoroughly sustained us.

We do not take food and just gobble it because it is there in front of us ready to eat. That would be too much work for your digestive system to process.

It is like doing overtime especially if you have a habit of eating late at night, and then all you have to do after that is going to bed.

Be More Responsible.

Be more sensible and please be more conscientious enough not only for yourself but for people around you who do really care about you and love you though you feel that they don’t.

It is your responsibility and not others to take care of your own self. You are what you are because of your own choices and decisions and not others.

Be more honest to yourself and admit that you are the cause of your own situations right now and not others.

And when you do, you’ll start to be aware of your own state of bodily function and thus be able to adapt and adjust to your own changes.

You are now more confident and thus comfortable in your own skin.

You and Your Mind – Your Attitude About Food

In the Western side of the world, much to be said about the abundance of food compared to the Eastern side especially in the less-developed countries.

So much abundance and yet so much waste also which is just plain sad.

The children nowadays are doing the same thing as they were not taught the proper way also.


Amount of Wasted Food

Do you know the amount of food that is being wasted globally every year? Are you ready for this? It is 1.3 billion tonnes. 

That is one-third of all food produced for human consumption.

That is a staggering amount of food going to the drain. Can you imagine how many people worldwide can be fed with that amount of food?

Yet they are just plain wasted and it gives me chills when I think about it because we have more than 690 million people in the whole world still starving and dying from starvation.

Now, I am not here to talk about food wastage but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

The Left-over

Most people do that who buy, eat, and throw out the remainder of the food or the left-over which can still be eaten or can still be used later on.

Whether you are living in a king’s and queen’s palaces or on the street, we all need to use the wisdom that will guide us to our path appropriately and clearly.

Once, after a business meeting, my girlfriend wanted to buy food before going home. She asked me if it was alright with me to take her to town first to pick up some food since I was giving her a lift home.

The Fast-food Chain

I consented and so I took her to one of the fast-food chains where she wanted to buy her food from. I do not go to that place to buy my food and nor to any other fast-food chains in my country.

When we reached the place which was almost ten o’clock at night (the place was closed at ten p.m.), she asked me if I wanted to go with her. I did instead of just waiting for her in the car.

We went inside and ordered what she wanted.

The Food Is Gone

While she was being served, there was another seller who came in the front and opened the glass cabinet where the food was stored, and took out a long pan of food from off the cabinet.

While she was doing this, I just happened to look, and lo and behold, the seller dumped all the food in the trash. I almost screamed.

I think I did. I could not believe what I saw. I was shocked. I mean the whole tray of good, decent food just dumped in the trash. Then I found myself questioning her because I wanted to analyze this situation.

Why? Why? Why?

She was a little embarrassed I think and because there were still a couple of people over there waiting to be served.

She said to me that because they were closing at ten p.m. they would not be able to sell the food anymore and they could not save them to be sold the next day.

That I understood. You cannot serve old food to the customer. It has to be always fresh.

Then I asked her if they were not going to sell them, why not just give them away to those who were present at the store and maybe they wanted them too or sell them for a cheaper price instead of throwing them out?

I do not know. Why not gather the food and give them to charity or to any Nursing Home or to those homeless people living on the streets?

To Give or Not To Give

She told me that they were prevented to give them away especially to the Old Folks Home.

In case anything happened to one of the Seniors like getting sick from eating the food they had donated, it would cause a big commotion and might end up in court. Just imagine that.

That incident happened a very long time ago and I still remembered it. It really left a huge impact on me especially when I think about those starving people and dying day by day because of lack or no food at all.

Then I thought about, what happened if someone bought the same food before it was dumped into the trash and got sick? What would be the difference? You know the answer to that.

All in all, I didn’t mean to lose you with this story.

Take Time To Eat.

When you eat your food no matter what time of day it is, no matter what condition or situation you are in, no matter what food you are eating, take a little catch-up time, a breather if you will.

You heard it before or maybe even you said this. “I am so hungry or I am starving. I can eat a horse right now.”

Can you really? Remember when you were a child and your Mom or Dad or your Granny presented you with the food on the table and you didn’t like it, thus you didn’t eat it.

What did you say to that food? No, really, try to remember it and I am sure there were plenty of times this incident happened to you before.

You most likely said something nasty about the food, “It’s bitter or it’s sour or it’s yucky or it smells bad or it so ugly looking or it makes me vomit, or what kind of food is this? This is not food. This is trash.”

Watch Wha.t You Say.

Maybe you said other things that were so absurd and only you can recall.

But wait. You might be asking now, “What has this got to do with me wanting to lose weight?” My answer is a lot.

Imagine this for a moment.   

Suppose you were the food and someone approached you and said all those nasty things to you.

Most children would just literally say what is in their minds with no control.

Listen to What You Say.

Just suppose you were the food and you heard someone say to you, “You look awful and you smell bad.” Or, “Hey, I don’t want you, you’re no good except in the trash.

So that’s where you are going to be.” Or, “You again? Why do I have to see you again? I don’t want you anymore.”

Maybe you think I am going nuts. That’s alright. Remember what I said before? This topic is different from the rest of what you have seen before.

The Metaphysical Existence

We are dealing with a metaphysical aspect of our existence. Everything is energy.

You, the people and the world around us, the plants, your home, your car, your clothes, and yes, your food.  They are all energy and they are just formed differently.

Now, I would not discuss this here as it would take a whole book to write about this.

Energy is also your vibration and all of us vibrate in different shapes and forms thus we also respond differently.

The way you treat your food, pleasant or unpleasant will create a corresponding effect on your food and returns it back to you.

Thus if you hated the food presented to you, that’s exactly how it will have an effect on you and on your body and thus it developed within your consciousness the hatred you have consumed.

It is Real and It Does Happen.

Whether you believe it or not, whether you think it is crazy or silly or a lot of hogwash, it doesn’t really matter because it is real and it does happen.

Those negative vibrations dig deeper into your subconscious mind and it remembers your words which affects your outlook on the food you eat.

So before you eat stop even for thirty seconds or a minute.

Take a deep breath, three to six times, and then eat slowly without your cell phone on your other hand or beside you looking at it while you are eating.

If you please, eliminate what you have around you, gadgets, books, work projects, anything that would be a distraction to the eating of your food at that moment.

Concentrate mainly on your food and enjoy it. No, really, enjoy it and do not ever rush as it would only result in dissatisfaction with your food or worst, indigestion.

You and Your Heart – The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Once I had a visitor, a family friend, and at that time we were just starting to be really acquainted with each other.

In the course of our conversation, she happened to mention her daughter-in-law.

She told me that she was concerned about her weight as she was becoming ‘obese.’

She told me that she asked her daughter-in-law why she was so fat.

You know, I was a little uneasy about the way she talked to her daughter-in-law.

Her Reaction

When she mentioned that I was imagining how her daughter-in-law reacted at that time.

She must have been very embarrassed. Her daughter-in-law said to her that maybe it was hereditary and she got it from her Mom.

My girlfriend said that she was annoyed by her daughter-in-law’s answer because her mother was so skinny. “How could she say it was hereditary and she got it from her Mom?”

It so happened that I knew her daughter-in-law before I knew her. I did not say anything and just listened to her story.

It was not my place to suggest anything or tell her what to do unless she asked me but I still would not advise her of what is deemed necessary to help her daughter-in-law out.

Criticism is Not The Answer

If she insisted, I could recommend something (maybe to stop criticizing her daughter-in-law). Other than that, no.

Unbeknownst to her, her daughter-in-law has a long-time hatred for her own Mother. She hated her so much that she even tried to compete with her.

Her Strict Mother

Her mother, according to her was very strict, and that she would not allow her to go to any party or go out with her friends.

As far as I know, her mother would not let her do these things when she was a teenager and while she was in school.

Her mother would not let her go if she wanted to go out late at night and her mother did not know the other friends she was going out with and the situation of the place where they wanted to go.

She was just protecting her daughter from any harm and anything that would not be for her own highest good.

Our Children ar Our Treasures

As parents, don’t we all want to protect our children and do what we can to save them from any harm? But she didn’t see it that way.

She rebelled against all those protection rules and could not wait to turn eighteen years old so she could get out of their house. And so, she did.

Over the years, she tried every possible way to lose weight but tried as she did she kept putting on more weight. Her attitude towards her Mom hadn’t changed and if ever deeper resentment developed more.

For whatever reason, she could not seem to forgive her Mom for what she said had done to her and always accusing her Mom about why her life was not where it should be.

She doesn’t even acknowledge the good her Mom had done for her all those years. For her, her Mom is better off without her presence.


When you have a long-standing hatred, anger, or bitterness toward other people, things, or any event in your life, the tendency is that you get so preoccupied with how you are going to make even with that person.

You tried to do all you can to get even and when you could not succeed you get angrier, more annoyed, and hate more the person or thing or the past situation.

Eventually, you get disappointed, and depression sets in, and because of that you develop the habit of eating to satisfy your feeling at that moment

Thus, the food becomes your company as your pity party partner.

Depression Sinks In

So the more depressed you are the more you eat and the more you eat unreasonably the more you put on weight and the more you put on weight the more depressed you get.

Such is the case with this Lady.

When she is mad and thinks nothing is going the way she wants it to be she just indulges herself and just continues to overload herself with food and a lot of it in one sitting.

This is where forgiveness plays a huge role in your own stage of life’s processing. That’s right.

Life is a Process

Life is a process, a continuing cycle of processes and it is up to you to create it the way you were meant to live in this world.

Unless you really dig deeper and contemplate what you are doing intentionally, nothing changes.


Awareness is the key and you have to be honest with yourself and be more responsible for your actions.

You are where you are because of your own choices and decisions and nobody else or nothing else has to be blamed for the consequences of your own choices and decisions.

If you want to open yourself to receive the blessings that God intends for you to have, you MUST clear your mind of any resentments and hurts that are keeping you from the good that you deserve!

You must FORGIVE that person who hurt you — not for his or her sake…or the things or any event that happened in your life… but for the sake of your OWN mental and physical health!

If you can accept that, you are on your way to a new and better beginning of your life.

You and Your Body – How Important is Your Body to You?

Do you ever experience having conversations with someone and the topic is about losing weight?

Then when you asked them why they could not lose weight, they gave you this long list of the reasons why they could not do it.

Almost always, guaranteed, it was not their fault. It was other people’s fault or other circumstances in their lives that made them gain weight.

When they do that to me, I just listened so attentively and just observed them and hardly say anything at all.

Reasons or Excuses:

Here are some of the reasons (I will call them reasons according to them). Maybe you can relate too.

1.) “I don’t really eat that much, really. I don’t know why I cannot lose this weight.”

So, how does one get all that weight on if you didn’t really eat that much? I did not ask that, just thinking about it.

2.) “Oh, it is genetics. My Mom is this size too. My Granny is also big. My Aunt is obese and mostly everybody in our family has the same size.”

Really? No, really? Why do people equate that to be the norm?

Not because your Mom or Granny or your Aunt or anybody else in the family is big that you have to be one too.

Please, time to stop that excuse. That’s right. I am calling it an excuse this time. Why?

Pygmalion Theory

Because it is not true. it is a big lie and you are believing this lie so much so that it becomes a pygmalion theory or a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Remember that Lady, the daughter-in-law of my friend? Both of her parents are slim for many, many years and yet she is just the opposite.

I have known a lot of families whose parents are so slender to the point of being skinny and yet the children are heavy set and some even obese at their younger years.

When they grew older they ended up with the same body frame because of the same mindset. It is not genetics. You can believe it or not but please, try not to give that as an excuse.

The Children

3.) Here’s another one that makes me speechless. My co-worker said this to me. We used to have someone in our job who was such a lively person with a pleasing personality and very kind.

She is tall, about six feet, three inches and she was just too heavy in appearance, meaning she is ‘obese.’ I heard that she has been trying to lose at least one hundred pounds.

When I heard that I thought to myself, “One hundred pounds? That’s a lot to lose so that means she is really that heavy?”

I  kept thinking about that and for someone who wanted to lose one hundred pounds that means that someone has some work to do. You can’t just lose all that weight that easily.

I did not know what method she used to lose weight and for many months she kept saying she lost this amount and she lost that amount and so on and so forth.

Two Years After

After two years, maybe more, I heard that she lost that one hundred pounds, and when I looked at her, she didn’t seem to have changed her overall appearance.

I did not see anything that changed and for me, she still looked the same. So that meant she was really, really overweight because I could not see the difference.

Remember, one hundred pounds is a lot to lose, and when I looked at myself and figuring out that if I lost one hundred pounds I would disappear. To this day, she is still the same body size.

Remember I said earlier that this one made me speechless?

I Am Speechless!

My co-worker said to me that the reason why this Lady was so big was that… ready for this?

She was big because she had five children and those five children were the reasons why she ended up big like that.

Wow! Really? No, really? Wait. Wait a minute. I don’t understand that. Are you saying that because you had those children you became ‘fat’? There I said it. I tried not to mention that word.

So tell me this, in that case, anybody who had a lot of children would end up ‘fat’ also?

My Mom

So that means my Mom would have been probably one thousand pounds or more because my Mom had fourteen children and praise God we are all still here alive with the Grace of God. Wow!

Do you see what I am saying here?

Furthermore, think about this. Just imagine if your children had heard you or had known that you were giving that excuse to others about you being big.

How do you think your children would think or feel about themselves?


Don’t you think that they would be feeling so hurt and embarrassed or even angry because you were blaming them for your obesity?

Don’t you feel you are putting them to the point where you can have a family misunderstanding that will result in a family break-up?

Once your children grew older they would still have that displeasing memory.

Everybody goes through some unpleasant situations in their lives and over the years you still relived those distressing memories until they affected your whole being.

So this too would be a cause for being overweight and coupled with unforgiveness with hatred, anger, resentment, and endless blaming, you most likely would not be able to reach your destined goal of losing that weight.

Like I said earlier, depression sinks in and the cycle goes on.

Your Body as The Temple of The Lord

Listen, my dear. Your body is your own, no one else’s. It is the temple of the Lord and because it is the temple of the Lord, how is your temple? How do you care for your temple?

Would the Lord be so excited and grateful to see that temple or would He be so disappointed and hurt?

Would He be worried and concerned because the temple had not only became disfigured but diseased as well?

Would He be so concerned in the way your temple looked, worn out, destabilized, or broken down?

Take Good Care of Your Body.

Only you can answer that. Most people would take care of their cars far better than their bodies.

They would spend more time, more resources in fixing up, decorating, and sprucing up their homes than their own temple.

We all have one body only and when that is gone, it is gone and most of the time it is too late to realize it and then you regret it for neglecting your one and only body.

So it is your own responsibility to keep that temple in a more organized, well-kept, and orderly manner. The choice is yours.

You and Your Health – Is It Really Your Wealth?

Health is Wealth.

We all heard this and heard it almost every time.

You noticed those people who constantly uttered this were the ones who were not in good shape?

They were also having all kinds of illnesses from high blood pressure to diabetes to heart disease and suffer from colds and tons of allergies.

Now I am not criticizing them. I am merely describing the people that I have encountered.

They were the ones who had a lot to say about health is wealth.

Maybe, here we go again, you have been neglected when you were a child or abandoned or abused.

I do not know and I do not in my most ardent disgust conform to this type of treatment.

I completely understood.

When you reached your adult life, it is now your own responsibility to take care of your own body, your health, and your life.

The Blaming Attitude

You cannot now exercise your blaming attitude and excuses why your life is not going the way you wanted it to be.

You create your own life. Yes, you and nobody has to be responsible for the way you live your life.

That means whatever happened in the past, it is your own choice to forget it and let it go. It is finished and should not be recalled or remembered anymore.

Stress Has To Go.

If not, you just set up yourself for more stress which leads to worry which leads to sickness, and then what?

The more you are stressed out the more you worry and the more you worry the sicker you get and the sicker you get the more you lose the ability to continue with your desired plan for your life.

Thus, you are not able to live a wealthy life that you have been longing to experience and you don’t enjoy who you are anymore and what you had become.

It is all about the way you perceive yourself which brings us to the next topic here.

I Am Enough!

Every time I have someone consulted me about their own challenges in life, there was always one factor that stood up.

It could be anything from their financial hardships, a broken relationship, poor health, and healing of all kinds, job or career.

Some came to me about their vocation, spiritual path, their true calling in life, or something little and simple project or endeavor.


I was always faced with only one reason for all of these challenges and that was the question of self-worth.

Often times the main cause of these life’s breakdown is the non-acceptance of being worthy. We all do feel that way and respond differently in different situations.

Beforehand, I would ask the person this and you can answer this too. “Can you look at the mirror and say “I love you” to the person you see in the mirror?

To this day, I have not had even one person who said yes to me. What about you? Yes, you. You who are reading this now.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Can you go to the mirror now and say “I love you” to yourself? Go ahead. Do it  NOW! I will wait… Go… waiting… waiting… waiting.

Now, did you do it? If you didn’t. why not? If you did, a huge  CONGRATULATIONS to you. This is just a beautiful beginning. More to come.

How do you feel now that you said it? More confident? More aware now that you just uncovered one of the secrets of being worthy? More honest to yourself?

You know, how do you expect others to love you if you yourself cannot even say that you love yourself?

Practice that, day in and day out, night in and night out, and every chance you get.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, stop whatever you are doing, get to the place where you have a mirror even if it was a small mirror.

Just Say I  love You Anywhere, Anytime.

It can be in the bathroom, your bedroom, when you are putting your make-up on, or when you are combing your hair, brushing your teeth or shaving, or at the mirror in your car or other people’s car.

It can be also at the sliding door that reflects yourself, anywhere you can have a glance of yourself, practice saying, “I love you” to yourself.

You will be surprised at how you would feel even after a day of saying it. Little by little you will feel even more confident that you truly are lovable and loved.

Just imagine someone saying to you all day, all night that he or she loves you, how would you feel? You would be bouncing around all day and all night too.

Wouldn’t you feel so excited and energized and happy and probably has the most beautiful smile you had ever had in years?

So, if you say that to yourself, imagine how your body would respond to you.

I Feel Good About It.

How else? Your body would be so ecstatic and guess what? It would function the way it has to because your body is feeling so loving and so worthy of that love because of you.

You have shown respect, love, and caring for your body just by simply uttering those beautiful words to yourself instead of destructive words that would make you feel almost disappear in embarrassment.

Subconscious Programming

All of these things can be programmed in your subconscious mind

Once you developed that attitude it would be so easy to follow and whatever you put your mind to do I will assure you that you would be able to accomplish it in no time as in losing weight.

You are meant to be beautiful and worthy because you are a child of a Loving Father. You were created in His own image and likeness. Do you know how awesome that is?

You are highly favored. You are alive. You are gifted. You are blessed. Please remember this always: God loves you. God guides you. God shows you the way. You are beloved by God and man.

The New Weight Loss Program.

Thus, I am now introducing something that is totally different from the rest of the weight loss programs that you have seen and experienced before.

In this program, you would be so much aware of something that most people do not know until recently. You would know one secret that has been prevented from the masses.

This will revolutionize how people like you would be able to open up your mind about how easy it is to lose weight naturally and easily with just a common-sense approach to your diet and activity.

The 15 Minute Weight Loss Program

There’s no other program out there that’s like 15 Minute Weight Loss.

The secret reason why you cannot lose weight is just right here

This is the solution that you’ve been waiting for, to lose weight easily, automatically, and permanently. You have nothing to lose except your weight and your self-doubts.

So I highly suggest to you to try it to know it otherwise how do you know if your other ventures, other work projects, or other new endeavors would work for you if you didn’t try?

Chances are they won’t. It is your own choice, your own decision, after all, it is your own body, your own health, and your own life.





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