Is Your Energy Drink Healthy?

How Safe is Your Energy Drink?

In the course of the history of the world, more and more drinks are being manufactured and being categorized as healthy, nutritional, and safe.

Are they really?

Then, let us have a look at this video.

 The Buzz

As scary as this is,  there are still more and more people especially men at their peak still drink these dangerous drinks and not care in this world, not even their own life?

They just don’t listen and are consuming these drinks more than they should.

They drink these drinks like water even though they knew the negative side effects of it not only in their bodies but more so in their brains.

Why is that? Well, you know, if you drank it you actually got the buzz and you do get energized.

That was what they said as I do not know. I do not drink those types of energy drinks.

When you feel like you are dizzy or having a headache after you drink this energy drink, do drink some water to flush it out of your system. 


According to many studies, the caffeine naturally found in coffee and tea can have positive health effects.

So the caffeine in sodas and energy drinks must be the same, right?

Sorry, but no. 

Partly, this is because the caffeine used in energy drinks and sodas is a synthetic substance.

It was first created by the Monsanto corporation and now manufactured in China under dubious conditions. 

And, partly, it’s due to how completely unregulated this chemical is, even when it’s added to our food supply.

The health benefits of caffeine

Natural caffeine comes from coffee beans and tea leaves  (as well as Yerba Matte and a number of other plants)and has been found, in moderation, to provide a number of health benefits.

For example:

  • Alertness. Not surprisingly, low and moderate doses of caffeine have been found to increase alertness and decrease fatigue.
  • Cognitive health. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that caffeine has the power to enhance long-term memory.                                                                         
  • Other studies show that caffeine improves attention span, psychomotor performance, and cognitive function.
  • Headaches. Caffeine can be helpful for some types of headaches.

Of course, even natural caffeine has its downsides, too.

When too much is consumed, it can cause anxiety, insomnia, an increase in blood pressure, adrenal stress, and other harmful side effects.

Synthetic Caffeine

But most of the caffeine in the food supply today is NOT natural caffeine. It’s synthetic.

Do natural caffeine (which comes from plants) and synthetic caffeine (which is produced in laboratories and manufactured in factories) have the same effect?



The synthetic kind absorbs faster through the digestive system, causing a quicker spike — and a more sudden crash as well.

As the video above shows, it was Monsanto that first created synthetic caffeine.

Now, it’s so widely used in our food, and with so little regulation, that you may be consuming far more of it than you realize.

Soda, Energy Drinks, and Other Caffeinated Products

U.S. coffee consumption peaked around 1950, and then it declined dramatically thereafter.

That’s when we started drinking huge amounts of soda, and water, and energy drinks.

These products are made with synthetic caffeine powder, which is extremely concentrated.

 One tablespoon of this powder equals the amount of caffeine naturally found in about 50 cups of coffee.

Here’s a scary fact: One tablespoon of pure caffeine powder can be fatal for an adult.

And in 2011, energy drinks caused more than 20,000 U.S. emergency room visits.


The Federal Regulation of Caffeine

But despite its power and dangerous potential, synthetic caffeine goes largely unregulated and uninspected.

Plus, energy drinks aren’t even required to display the amount of caffeine they contain.


Organic Energy Drinks

With the use of your common sense (which I always have to implement for everybody), there are also a lot of organic energy drinks that you can choose from.

You can get all-natural energy drinks with different energy drink flavors and you can choose from the best organic energy drinks that suit you and your lifestyle.

They would not harm you and still will give you the boost you were looking for.

If you have any particular physical condition it is necessary to consult your physician first before you drink them.

They may affect any medication you are presently taking if you have any. It is best to be safe than sorry.


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