You and Your Water

What is it about water?

Remember when you were little and when you were thirsty you just went straight to your kitchen faucet or any faucet in particular?

It could be at home, school, any office building, those in the park or places where they have the faucet, didn’t you just drink the tap water and be satisfied with it?

There is so much misinformation on how much water one should be taking on a daily basis. I am almost sure that you have heard it so many times that you have to drink eight glasses of water every single day.

Most medical professionals whom I know would tell you that. Teachers in schools especially those teaching our young children would teach that too.

Weight lifters, gymnastics, runners, walkers, therapists of all kinds, and anybody in particular you asked will tell you the same thing, you have to have eight glasses of water to drink every single day.

I am basing this writing according to my own experience. Yours might be different.

But first, let me ask you some questions and I’d like for you to at least answer them the best way you can.

  1. Would you give eight glasses of water to a baby or to a toddler?
  2. What about an elderly who is bedbound and indisposed, how much water would you give to him or her?
  3. Those who work under the hot sun all day, would they have to have eight glasses of water too?
  4. If you weigh 250 lbs, would you also drink eight glasses of water?
  5. If you have a sitdown job like being in front of the computer sitting down all day, are you supposed to have eight glasses of water also?

If you do aerobic exercise, lift weights, run for an hour, go to the gym, and do push-ups, do you also drink eight glasses of water a day

What I’d like to do right now is clarify exactly how much water you have to take in on a daily basis.

We are going to measure the amount of water in eight ounces of glass and that’s how we are going to determine the amount you are going to take every day.


If you are not sure about your own weight, I highly suggest weighing yourself right now but for the sake of time, this is what you should be doing.

With your weight, divide it into two. Once you know the result, ask yourself, how many eight ounces can you derive from that number and that’s how much water you have to take in every day.


If you weigh 160 lbs, divide that into two and you get 80. Now compute this into how many eights (8 ounces) can you get from 80? The answer is 10.

So that’s how many glasses of water you have to consume every day., 8 glasses of water using an eight-ounce glass.

So, now tell me, would you give eight glasses of water to your baby or your toddler?

If you work outside all day you might need more than that but no less than eight ounces to prevent yourself from dehydration especially in the summertime when the temperature is high.

If you do intense workouts, aerobic exercise, and other types of jobs that require exerting a lot of effort, you will most likely need more than that but no less than the required eight glasses of water.

We all do know how our body functions and using our common sense is the key as it will lead us to health or sickness.

I do hope that clears all that misunderstanding about how much water one has to take every day.

If you are taught differently, I would like to hear your feedback about your experience on drinking water. Did it help you at all or you are still not sure what to do?

What have you done over the years regarding drinking your water on a daily basis?

How are you making out?

Please share us your knowledge, comment, opinion, experience, and your suggestion.

I highly suggest visiting this site for more information on your drinking water.

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    • Hello Walt,

      Thank you so much for your time in commenting
      on my topic.

      You are actually right and as you said depending
      on the weather and also what part of the world
      you live in.

      We can always use more water and especially on a hot
      weather and the kind of work you are doing and the
      kind of exercise you are engaged in.

      Thank you for your input. Really appreciate you.

      God bless you



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